Diabetes Centre

Gold Coast Diabetes Clinic

Comprehensive Diabetes Care and Management

Gold Coast Medical Centre’s Diabetic Clinic is dedicated to providing a supportive environment where individuals with diabetes can receive holistic care and management. Our multidisciplinary approach combines clinical expertise with lifestyle and educational support to empower our patients in their diabetes management journey.

Our Comprehensive Diabetes Services Include:

  • Assessment: Our initial assessments are thorough and patient-focused, designed to understand your unique health profile, medical history, and any current symptoms. This allows us to tailor a diabetes care plan that is as individual as you are.
  • Risk Calculation: Using advanced tools and analyses, we evaluate your risk factors for developing diabetes-related complications. This critical information helps us in crafting a proactive approach to your health.
  • Prevention: For patients at risk of diabetes, we offer prevention programs that include lifestyle interventions, nutritional counseling, and regular monitoring to help prevent the onset of diabetes.
  • Management: For those already diagnosed with diabetes, we provide comprehensive management plans. These include medication management, glucose monitoring, and strategies to control blood sugar levels, thus reducing the risk of long-term complications.
  • Education: Knowledge is power, especially when managing a chronic condition like diabetes. We provide education on all aspects of diabetes care, from understanding the disease process to recognizing symptoms and knowing how to respond.
  • Dietician Services: Our in-house dieticians work with you to create meal plans that not only cater to your personal tastes but also help manage your blood sugar levels, weight, and overall health.
  • Podiatry: Foot care is crucial for individuals with diabetes. Our podiatry services focus on preventing and treating foot problems, which can be a common complication of the disease.
  • Diabetic Educator Referral: We facilitate referrals to specialist diabetic educators who can offer additional support and guidance, helping you to manage your diabetes effectively.

Partnering With You for Better Health

At the GCMC Diabetic Clinic, we understand that managing diabetes requires a compassionate partner in healthcare. We are that partner, committed to providing you with the care, education, and support you need to live well with diabetes.

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