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01. Skin Cancer Clinic

Expert Skin care for skin cancer management, lesion treatment, biopsies & excisions.

02. Cardiovascular/Heart Clinic

Proactive and preventive chronic/acute cardiac care to keep your heart healthy and well

03. Weight Loss

Customized management to help patients on their weight loss journey through professional management

04. Respiratory Clinic

Specialised respiratory care that enhances lung health through advanced treatment and personalised care.

05. Diabetic Clinic

providing a supportive environment, holistic care and management for Diabetic patients.

06. Travel Clinic

Essential health advice and vaccinations for safe and healthy travels.

07. Men’s Health

Targeted health strategies to address and manage men’s health issues such as prostate health, testosterone imbalance, and mental well-being.

08. Children’s Health

Compassionate and comprehensive pediatric care for the well-being of your children with vastly experienced doctors.

We Also Specialise In Cosmetic Medicine
& Provide Expert Skin Cancer Treatment
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